Week number calculator

WeekNumbers_1.4_1024_roundedWeek number calculator with support for Apple Watch, notification center widget, icon badge and calendar events all in one app!

– ISO standard or US week numbers
– Easy conversion between dates and week numbers
– Go back and forth through weeks with selectable number of weeks per tap
– Customizable widget
– Apple Watch support
– Add week numbers as calendar events

You can choose between one or more systems for week numbering:
-ISO 8601 system (Week starts on Monday. Used in most European countries)
-US system (Week starts on sunday)

With the Week/Date calculator, you can:
Choose a week number and see the dates
Choose a date and see the week number
– Switch between weeks in selectable step (4 weeks per click etc)

Supported languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, French, German, Spanish.

Screenshots Week numbers with widget

Screenshots Week numbers with widget for iPad

Widget requires iOS 8. To activate the widget, do the following:
1 Unlock the device
2 Pull down from the top of the screen to open the notification center.
3 Tap «Edit» at the bottom.
4 Press the green + sign next to «forecast».

The app can display the week number of the current week as an icon badge. (Icon badge can follow another numbering system than the one that you have added to your calendar)

Week numbers can be added as an additional calendar in iOS’s integrated calendar app, or as an event on the first day of each week in the default calendar on your iPhone/iPad.

This app does not use subscribed calendars that stops updating itself. Everything is stored on your iPhone/iPad, in iCloud or in the calendar with your email provider.

It could not be easier!

Price: $1.99

Do you have questions ? Check out the FAQ

11/03-2014 – apppicker.com:
«Week numbers for ever app review: a productivity tool»


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